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01 April 2015

Our new BLOG (QB) is the place where we will report, inform, exclaim and reveal the comings and goings at Quigley’s as our thoughts on and activities within the industry enlarge.

You may not know this, but the very reason for Quigley’s, the reason it was invented in the first place was the desire to help a friend in need, to relieve her suffering.  With that hope in mind Quigley’s was born, and now able to help so many others. 

The extraordinary benefit’s of the cannabis plant continues to be investigated and explored by scientists, doctors, nurses, biological engineers and even mechanical engineers. 

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P.S. Thought you would enjoy reading a little bit about the history of hemp.

Although hemp was growing legally in the United States from 1937, during the war years 1942-1944 there was a US Government campaign called Hemp for Victory to grow industrial levels of hemp due to the war’s disruption of hemp from overseas.  You see the US was starved for rope.  The war blocked the ability to import rope from overseas where most of the rope for the USA came from.  Farmers, especially in the Mid-West became Hemp for Victory farmers, selling directly through government contracts.  But everyone doesn’t know that eventually, the Cotton Lobby with the help of others conspired with lawmakers to create laws making it illegal to grow or sell industrial hemp in the United States.  Hemp and its fibers and its oil and its many other benefits were a direct threat to those industries. And those industries demonized the Hemp plant in so many ways, even employing “Marijuana” voodoo propaganda to the public through articles, and going so far as to produce films like ‘Reefer Madness’.

This is changing as we speak. The future is bright for the miraculous Hemp plant as more and more states apply to begin the rigorous and political process in obtaining legal hemp producing status, and then the ability to issue farming permits with the hopes and dreams of the farmers who see the benefits of hemp and the business potential in rapidly growing markets.

The Lotus car company feels so strongly about hemp that they announced that they are now producing some of their body parts, such as trim, with hemp fiber. Per this hemp.com article, the Lotus Hybrid Elite composite car hit the road in 2014. 


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