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18 November 2015

Hello Friends,

The day has arrived when we can announce that Quigley's is available in Colorado dispensaries this Thanksgiving!

To all of you who’ve been waiting for some time to purchase a Quigley’s… your time has come.  Just ask for Quigley’s at your local Colorado dispensary.  If your favorite dispensary doesn't stock Quigley's yet, be sure to ask when they’re expecting their first order to arrive.

Put quigleys.com on your mobile browser favorites lists, as very shortly, we will turn on our nifty product finder map to help guide you to a dispensary with Quigley's near you. 

And be sure to register your email address with us so we can send you a contest entry to Win a Quigley's Limited Edition Poster later this month. It’s our second in an ongoing series of Quigley’s collectable posters from the inspired artists behind our brand.

And… tell your friends to tell their friends… because friends of friends are friends and friends, well… you get the idea.

Ease The Day!

If you're not in Colorado, it's only a minor inconvenience.  Go see family or a friend, almost everyone knows someone in Colorado.  Or plan a ski trip... because believe us, there is nothing quite like skiing on the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain high.

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